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Hillcrest Healthcare Center

"Where Compassion Meets Excellence"

"Where Compassion Meets Excellence"

"Where Compassion Meets Excellence""Where Compassion Meets Excellence"

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring?

 • Comfortable Clothes (a few changes of exercise clothing)
• Comfortable Shoes
• Pajamas
• Glasses and/or hearing aids
• Proof of Identification (e.g., State Issued Photo ID, Passport, or Birth Certificate) Non-Citizens must present temporary or permanent resident card with photo.
• Insurance Cards (e.g., Medicare, Medical, Managed Care, prescription drug card if applicable)
• If the patient has a representative for financial or healthcare decisions – bring supporting documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney, Guardianship, Conservatorship papers.
• Cell phone if you would like. 

• Personal items to feel more at home.

What will I do at Hillcrest?

• Participate in a rehabilitation program.
• Participate in your normal daily routine.
• Participate in individual and group leisure activities of your choice.
• Eat meals in the dining room or in my room.
• Work with discharge professionals to arrange your transition home. 

What can I expect during my stay at Hillcrest?

• Visitors are welcome when you want them. Please be considerate of the needs of other residents, your rehab schedule and your need for rest to regain your optimal health as quickly as possible.
• Wireless internet is available if you wish to bring your laptop or tablet.
• Complete meals and snacks are available seven days a week.
• Satellite television is available in each room.
• We can do your laundry or you may want your family or friend to launder your clothing. 

• Recreational program to socialize and have fun is available seven days per week. 

How is Hillcrest different than the hospital?

 • You will want to wear your own  comfortable clothes.
• You will have an attending physician at Hillcrest.  You will see this physician less frequently than when you were acutely ill in the hospital.
• You may have pet visits as long as your pet is on a leash, has had all of its shots and is not aggressive. (Pet shot records are required before a pet can visit.)
• You have leisure activities available on a daily basis.
• You may eat restaurant style in our dining room and enjoy a tasty menu.
• You can treat yourself to salon services.