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"Where Compassion Meets Excellence"

"Where Compassion Meets Excellence"

"Where Compassion Meets Excellence""Where Compassion Meets Excellence"

Insurance and Payment Information

Rehab Services

 All residents receive skilled services under guidelines established by Medicare. These services are paid by Medicare, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and/or private insurance companies. 

Long Term Care

Long term care is not covered by Medicare, HMO's, or Commercial Medical Insurance.  Long term care is typically only covered by private pay, long term care insurance policies, or the Medicaid Choices program (must meet physical and financial requirements).  


Hospice benefits are usually covered by Medicare, HMOs, and commercial plans.   However, these plans do not cover the Room and Board costs at a Skilled Nursing Facility when a resident is under hospice care.  Private pay, long term care insurance policies, and Medicaid are the payment options for hospice residents in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  

Respite Stays

There are a few options for respite stay payment.  Hospice patients can receive a five day respite stay through their hospice provider.  Medicaid Choices members who are at home may contact their case manager to inquire about a respite stay with us.  We also accept private pay respite residents.